Dealing with Monday Blues and Finding Motivation in Work-Life

Most of us dread Mondays, a challenging day that has been haunting us since our school days. Even our professional lives are not spared from it, especially when we find our field of work not too close to our hearts or struggle to grasp the tasks at hand.

There could be several reasons why this happens:

  • Perhaps we are forced to work without much choice and end up not liking our jobs but continue doing it just to pay the bills.

  • Maybe we fear not knowing how to approach the work, yet we want to learn. At the same time, we are also afraid of being perceived as slow worker.

How to overcome this situation?

This is a work in progress for most people, and it is alright to make mistakes and learn from them.

It is essential to separate professional life and personal life as two distinct zones.

  1. When at work, the focus should remain on discovering practical solutions to any issues, disregarding any anxious thoughts.

  2. In professional settings, it is necessary to have thick skin and handle criticism and praise with composure.

  3. There should be no guilt for disconnecting from work-related thoughts once the workday is over, and Fear of Missing Out(FOMO) should not be a concern.

    • While there might be occasional times, just a handful of occasions throughout the year or so, where a burning issue may demand extending beyond limitations, stressing out is not the solution and may negatively influence health.

    • Instead, the focus must be on finding techniques to reduce the impact of the situation and determining the root cause to avoid the same problems in the future.

Always keep a broader idea about life

The concept of life encompasses everything that is happening around us in this world. All of these are a part of the trajectory of time. However, problems arise when we try to equate work with life.

It's important, to be honest, follow professional ethics, and not react to situations that are beyond our control.

  • With time, we gain experience and learn how to overcome these situations and find solutions.

  • It's important to have a thick skin and not react to people's over-reactions in certain situations.

The key to living life to the fullest is to look beyond work.

Overcome FOMO:

  1. As long as you are honest with your work and visualize what you can do to improve, you will find that life will give you opportunities at the right time, and you will also be prepared mentally for them.

  2. During self-introspection, organic aggression that originates from within is beneficial. When we are motivated or pressured from outside, our mental and physical well-being can only suffer over time, and that doesn't help us live a full life.

Take up a new hobby:

A master of one is important, but it is best to be a jack of all trades and gradually gain knowledge in the area of interest and build your career around it.

  • In today's day, jack of all trades will often open up multiple streams of income, which will enable you to manage your time better and have a more clear idea of your future.

  • To me, jack of all means starting a youtube channel to share something meaningful and enriching with viewers, or starting or beginning a blog or online business, ideas are endless.

    It means trying out a variety of things in different fields or the same field that interests you.

Bring discipline in life and practice self-care:

Building a healthy routine is crucial for a happy and fulfilling life. It not only helps in improving physical health but also has a powerful impact on mental well-being.

  • When you think about yourself, it's important to practice self-compassion and say good things. Instead of putting yourself down for something you're not good at, try rephrasing it more positively. For example, "I need to improve on this skill, what can I do to get better?"

  • Talking positively to yourself is a crucial factor in long-term growth and success. It's important to enjoy the journey and the process, rather than just focusing on the result or destination which may not even be in our control.

It's important to focus on what is in our control and constantly strive to better ourselves. Worrying about things beyond our control can lead to unnecessary stress.

The world is not going to change on its own, so don't worry about why people are bad.

Make sure you are the person you want others to be when you meet them.

when you feel like quitting

  1. This could be a result of stress, burnout, or for real rational thought. Think about taking a break, disconnecting from your usual work routine, and doing something different.

  2. You will have a clear image of whether you should quit or find alternative paths when you give yourself a good time during the break.

It is crucial to achieve success in life

However, it is even more essential to uphold honesty, understanding and politeness.

  • People can often be negative, harmful and cunning, which is why it is important to avoid such environments.

    Nevertheless, one should never compromise on essential values for any reason because maintaining peace is crucial in the long run.

Last but not the least

When the mind is overcrowded, the best way to start is maybe just jotting down the thoughts that swarm inside of it on paper.

  • Talking can be cheap at times, but in such moments, verbalizing the accumulated ideas might help to refine them.

  • It's always better to read back what has been written and then think of speaking to someone trustworthy or even seeking help.

  • This process can result in a polished end-product of our initial thoughts with better clarity on what is needed to be done.

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